Succeed With Video Book Trailer In 24 Hours

Succeed With Video Book Trailer In 24 Hours

Books are not meant to keep and decorate on the shelves nowadays. Hence, they have a good purpose of reading and acquiring knowledge and wisdom. As the volume of the book readers has tremendously grown in recent years. However, it indicates the success and scope of books in the market. Therefore, authors have commercialized and digitalized their way of book publishing. Now, they think to market the book before selling it to customers. So, they use various forms of book marketing techniques such as website, social media, email, and video. However, video book trailer is the most powerful way to entice the audience. It includes cinematic touch to capture the readers and let them be familiar with your book.

A video book trailer is an affordable and promotional technique to showcase the short clip and smart preview of a book to the audience. It is a quick idea to reach your book to the readers and convey them the right message. Authors must design an eye-catching front book cover to tempt and fascinate the audience to buy.

Hiring the top video book trailer services in the USA can be ideal for newbie authors to promote their book to the customers. They make captivating promo advertising of your book with a fancy and trendy style to grab the attention of viewers.

It is a great idea to succeed with video book trailer in 24 hours. Read on this blog to know more:

Pick a Compelling Idea

The idea of a video book trailer must be worth interesting to the audience. It should have a true sense of excitement and engagement for readers to retain their presence on the video. You need to add some digital and actionable elements in a teaser to make it captivating to watch.

Display a Front Book Cover

It is an obvious thing to display in a video book trailer. As without a catchy front book page cover, you cannot spellbind the audience. The design of a front page cover must resonate with the central idea of a book. It must reflect the subject of a book and persuade readers to buy.

Flip Pages of a Book

Authors must showcase the quick look and inside glance of chapters of a book. It must arouse the curiosity in readers to know more about the book. The video book trailer must provide a brief information to readers about a book and convince them to buy. Viewers can have a look at the table of content, foreword, and prologue. These elements are very much enough for readers to get curious about the book.

Keep the Suspense

Running a video book trailer does not mean to narrate the complete story to the readers. So, there would be no need for a teaser. Authors must use their brain and keep things confidential. The purpose of a video book trailer is to ignite the spark and arouse the suspense. It is nothing to do with narration or detailed explanation to readers. Once, their interest is over, they will not buy your book anymore.

Market the Author

Video book trailer is the best way to market the author. They must exhibit the back page of a book featuring the complete information about the writer. It exposes the talent and expertise of a writer and represents its author profile to the readers. The image is attached of a writer for the audience to see. Authors must also pose their current photos to attract the valued customers and make them renowned among the masses.

Add the Music and Voiceover

Listening to music is a good thing to attract the audience. It keeps them engaged with the video book trailer and compel them to watch till the end. However, the genre of music should be based on the original theme of a book. The soft melody music is good for a romantic book novel. But you have to include a dynamic tone when it comes to action, suspense, and horror. Likewise, the voiceover tone changes with the subject idea of a book. It shows the talent of a voiceover artist to change their voice according to the cinematic view.

Limit Your Video Length

Creating a lengthy video is an obvious sign of losing your viewers’ interest. It can be extremely boring to watch a video book trailer that has no significant content present in it. So, the video should have a limited length to keep the suspense and interest of readers. So, the optimal length of a video book trailer should be in between 30 to 60 seconds. However, you can also extend your video as much as five to seven minutes maximum.

Post Your Video on YouTube

Posting your video book trailer on YouTube can be an amazing idea to promote your book to the wide array of audience worldwide. YouTube is a leading video sharing platform that captures the global audience. Readers will surely get your message and buy your book immediately after watching a short thumbnail promo. The idea of hiring the professional author book design agency can make their video SEO-friendly with adding meta titles and descriptions to optimize their video for search. They can use various combinations of tags or keywords to attract customers.

Share on social media

Social media is a shareable and popular platform for authors. It is a place where they can share their video book trailer to bring more visitors to their book. Authors can also post the introductory post content about their book and convince readers to buy it. They can announce the launching time and date of a book to make people ready to purchase. It increases the volume of traffic on their posts and boosts the likes, shares, and subscriptions on their book page. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are ideal social platforms for text content, while they can use Instagram and Pinterest for images.

Include a Call to Action

Call to action serves as a reminder for readers to buy a book. They must watch a video book trailer to trigger action and make a quick decision to purchase online on Amazon. Authors must discount the book price and allow free chapters to read on amazon for better understanding of the topic.


Hence, in a nutshell, these above-mentioned are superb and awesome techniques everyone must follow to promote and succeed with video book trailer in 24 hours. It gives a quick response to authors and change their anonymity into popularity with an overnight fame and success. Authors must advertise their books to increase the demand to sell more copies to avid readers.

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