5 Best Ways for Online Book Promotion Services

5 Best Ways for Online Book Promotion Services

Book reading is a popular activity among all ages of people. It begins from an early childhood age and remains for a lifetime. Reading a book is an excellent habit people should adopt in their life. It increases their knowledge and wisdom. People find an original and authentic source of information from books. They are a reliable and durable friend to human beings and lasts their friendship till life. The association of books with humans is long-lasting. They are real companions that remain faithful forever and never deceive. Books give a lot to us and get nothing in return.

Many people are habitual to reading a few chapters of a book before going to bed. They cannot find a peaceful and sound sleep without reading a book. People love reading and holding a physical book in their hands. They put their books on the side of their pillow before falling asleep.

In recent years, there has been a tremendous advancement in technology and the trend of physical books has been transformed into eBooks. It has given a new revival to book reading but has faded the value of traditional books.

Good readers are also good writers. Writers are not born to write. They learn by practice. Book writing is a rising trend nowadays that shows a profitable investment to authors. They write a book not only for passion but also for a career profession. Authors write their books to publish. Publishing is a core aim of authors to market their books to the niche target audience. Book promotion has been a serious hassle for authors to search for publishers and invest a lot of money in launching their books in the market. Nowadays, there is not much difficulty for authors in publishing their books. It is due to the rise of online book promotion services to publish and promote your book to the customers. Authors can now publish their books on Amazon Kindle and other valuable platforms.

E-book writing has become a trending fashion among new and seasoned authors to promote their books online. Here are the best book promotion techniques for authors:

Book Promotion Needs a Prior Strategy

The strategy works only when it is conceived and executed correctly. Every writer desire to launch and promote their books but fails due to improper planning and strategy. An incorrect book marketing strategy leads to failure. It is rightly said that “Think before you leap”. This proverb fits in the context of book promotion.

Authors need to think carefully and brainstorm book promotion ideas before rushing to publish their books online. They have to set their ultimate goals and determine their online marketing activities. Writers should have to plan their book launch and prepare their marketing strategy ahead of time. They should conceive and execute their book promotion plan before a launch.

Build a Dynamic Website for Book Promotion

A website is essential for authors to promote their books online. It gives a huge platform for writers to spread the word about their books and expand their broader audience reach. Authors must have a personal website to showcase their portfolio work to the readers. It should contain a home page, about page, products/services, and contact page. Adding a blog section is an extra effort for authors to provide valuable knowledge and resourceful information to the readers.

It develops a curiosity and raises interest in authors to post and publish the latest content. The author’s website must have a testimonials page to receive reviews and feedback of readers sharing their recommendations to others. Authors can also include their social media icons to link and connect them to the audience. They must have a compelling logo to attract visitors with smooth navigation and colorful UX design. Authors should include their mailing address, phone, and email to subscribe to newsletters. They must also add a real-time live chat option to communicate with customers and respond to all their relevant queries on time.

Create a Strong Author Platform for Book Promotion

A good author platform helps you build durable and reliable connections with customers. It gives you vast opportunities to establish a strong reputation and build long-term friendly relationships with other fellow authors in the niche industry. It gives you a broad surrounding knowledge and increases your professional exposure in the market. Having a solid author profile gives you robust recognition. It builds your name and fame in the local literary industry and expands your global audience. Authors can build both online and offline communities to promote their books among niche audiences and compel them to buy and read. They can participate in webinars and interview other leading authors to learn tips from them. Launching a book promotion event is an excellent idea of interacting with the audience and receiving their feedback.

Show an Active Social Media Presence for Book Promotion

Social media is a popular and powerful medium to reach an audience. It is a major platform for authors to showcase their extensive book promotion to customers. They should hire an expert designer to design a colorful and beautiful front-page design to attract customers at a first glance. They can create authentic and genuine book posts and share free chapters to develop interest and curiosity in readers to buy and read your book. Authors should create their profile pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. They should also make their book title viral and broadcast their book trailer video on YouTube, daily motion, meta café, and Vimeo. Authors must provide valuable information to the readers on their social media platforms. They can post text, images, infographics, and videos to share them with a wider audience.

Conduct SEO for Book Promotion

Authors must utilize the power of search engine optimization to rank their book websites organically on Google. They should research and brainstorm a well-matched combination of generic and long-term book-related keywords. These keywords enable authors to find the search intent of searchers to find a book promotion online. Authors must also run a paid campaign to show display and search ads on google. It helps them quickly generate traffic and drive conversions to bring qualified leads.

Bottom Line

All in all, these are remarkable book promotion tactics to advertise your books to the bulk audience. It revives the reading habit among customers and increases their intellectuality to open their minds and broaden their horizons. 

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