How to Self-Publish Your eBook in Less Than 24 Hours

How to Self-Publish Your eBook in Less Than 24 Hours

eBook is a new terminology prevailing in the market. However, it primarily refers to electronic books. So, writers are more focused and dedicated to writing and publishing their books online to enhance the exposure and access the wide range of buyers. However, the charm of book reading still exists in people and it will not be over anytime soon. Hence, the idea and perception of book readers have drastically changed over the years.

Therefore, now they do not much hassle to visit to a physical book store to look for their favorite author’s books on the shelves. However, it seems a hectic job for them so they have become pretty laid back and do not even bother to walk out of their homes to purchase a book. Hence, the advent of internet has made abrupt changes in the habits and attitudes of today’s modern buyers. So, they go online and order a book from the amazon and enjoy reading on their personal tablets. However, these eBook reader devices give a larger view of the fonts to make content viewable and readable for the target audience.

Now, from the writers’ perspective, writing a book is challenging and time-taking. However, publishing a book is even more difficult and cumbersome for the authors. So, they think of a quick and rapid alternative of publishing a book as fast as they can. Therefore, it saves them from the tantrums of the top eBook writing company in the USA that keep delaying and postponing the execution and completion of a book on time. Hence, they prefer the self-publishing idea that takes them a few hours to print and distribute their books on the vast digital format to the readers.

Here are a few steps to self-publish your eBook in less than 24 hours:

Think of a Niche Topic

One thing that seems difficult for every amateur or seasoned authors is topic selection. However, it takes a lot of time for writers to choose a subject to get it started. So, they have to search for the current market trends and brainstorm to come up with great topic ideas that are likable and appreciable for the audiences. Hence, writers must begin their writing by keeping in mind the mood and taste of their target customers. So, first of all, they have to decide a genre for writing such as fiction or non-fiction. Therefore, right after that they must also select the sub-category for their eBook such as romance, action, suspense, thrill, and horror.

Keep the Standard Word Count

Every author works with a different range of word count. However, it depends on the time availability for a writer to sit on the desk and write. So, it is very difficult to estimate the exact word count for every day. Therefore, they can make it higher on a gradual basis after setting their theme and picking up a flow of writing. Hence, the writing flow comes with the continuous spinning of thoughts and ideas in your mind. So, there must be no stoppage in the middle of writing to break the entire flow and sequence of your chapters that makes it difficult to connect them with each other.

Set the Place

The placement of a writer puts a lot of impact on their quality of work. Therefore, the first thing they must do is to find a peaceful and quaint location to put to task their book writing assignment. However, the place must be airy with good arrangement of lighting to give an illuminated environment. So, it depends on the mood and taste of a writer to prefer the room atmosphere for writing. Hence, some writers prefer darkness while others like to have brightness to make a clear visibility. However, the writing tool is also a crucial requirement for a writer to create an initial draft and shape their manuscript into a beautiful book format.

Focus on the Grammar and Structure

As a writer, it is your primary job responsibility to keep a good focus and concentration on grammar and structure. However, these things are essential to make a clear and smooth flow of writing that goes on till the end. Therefore, writers must take care of writing proper grammar and structuring their sentences. Hence, keeping the length of sentences short makes it easier for authors to spot and correct their mistakes right away. So, they do not have to get confused about rectifying and fixing their blunders that happen in writing and it is not a big deal. Every writer makes lots of errors in their first writing draft that goes to editing team to further improvement and correction.

Perform a Thorough Editing and Proof Checking

When it comes to book writing, editing is important. However, your book seems incomplete and cannot go forward for publishing without checking for writing errors. Hence, apart from writing, the job of professional eBook editors is to correct the formatting and beautify the look of content to make it attractive for readers. Hence, in the self-editing, you need to be careful about meeting the complete requirements and do not miss or leave anything behind.

Decorate the Front Book Cover Design

A pile of papers is not worthy for readers to collect and compile them. So, authors have to choose and design the most relevant book cover format from the Canva tool. However, it makes their task easier and create a compelling front book design for their manuscript. Hence, you can visualize the design and make it according to your chosen theme on which you intend to write your book content. Therefore, the front design must be appealing and captivating in the first glance.

Strive Hard for Marketing

Every book needs proper marketing to increase its chances for sales. Hence, it can only be a sheer luck of your book lying on the shelf to catch the sight of a visitor. However, you cannot wait to rely on hopes and expectations. So, you need to make a practical attempt to publish and marketyour book on Amazon Kindle. Therefore, it is the best platform to portray your eBook and makes it accessible to customers to buy.


Hence, in a nutshell, these above-mentioned are ideal and suitable ways of self-publishing your eBook in less than a day. However, it takes you a few days to complete the manuscript and publish it as quickly as you can. Hence, the idea of self-publishing prevents you from keeping the dependency on others. Hence, it makes you self-dependent and self-reliant to have strong faith and belief in yourself to publish and market your book in stores.

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