Steps To Start A Successful Freelance Ghostwriting Career In 2022

Steps To Start A Successful Freelance Ghostwriting Career In 2022

A few years have passed since the COVID-19 pandemic held the globe by its claw. Everything fell to its feet. The 9-to-5 jobs were crushed to their very foundations. Similarly, people in the house and professionals in their workplace got disrupted off their duties. But the latter group was significantly impacted by the worsening conditions. Many professionals turned towards their elementary school skills. They threw swords and shields and picked up the freelance ghostwriting career. Besides, the blades and armors in this profession are much better. It offers freedom to work. Now you don’t have to bound yourselves for an office job. Instead, work in the comforts of your home with a carefree attitude. What a great idea, right?!

Another side of the story, people with money in their bank accounts could survive, while others had to go underground. Yes, we can say that they became ghosts, ethereal beings disconnected from the real world. And why not so?! Things weren’t according to their expectations. The winds of life blew against their will. Thankfully, freelance ghostwriting services online weren’t less than a blessing. Apart from other freelancing abilities, it only required good English language skills. It is the primary reason why the writers’ profession has grown in immense popularity over the years.

Furthermore, writing feels so rewarding. It makes you feel emotional as you do it. Writing a blog, articulating an article, posting emails, and doing full-fledged eBooks brings back childhood memories. So, start writing as a full-time profession. It’s never too late to become a writer.

Ditch your so-called career that has no security whatsoever. Start writing today to earn ample cash for the pockets and bank accounts. Below are some practical and successful steps to initiate your freelance ghostwriting career. These tips for ghostwriters’ online looking for clients work wonders. Let’s go!

1. Inspect your Writing Skills

First off, examine your writing skills. How far have they come? Are you a versatile writer capable of creating different write-up formats? What is your primary expertise? In simple words, scrutinize your writing capabilities.

Next, devise a freelance ghostwriting plan for your online writing business. If your writing feels like a fluid conversation between two persons, you’ll be a great blogger. But, if your script includes facts, figures, and other building blocks of information, it’s better to become an article writer. Review yourself as a writer to pick the best freelance ghostwriting skills you can offer your clients. Good luck!

2. Brainstorm your freelance ghostwriting business

Once you have reviewed your writing skills, it’s time to sketch down your best finds. Brainstorming is a great idea, as it helps you put your ideas and concepts into place. Plus, it will pave the way to give you a rough idea about what’s good and not suitable for your freelance ghostwriting business. The best part of brainstorming is it enables you to create a well-thought-out structure for your remote work. You’re also able to create multiple blueprints for the big self-employed plan.

3. Pick your primary freelance ghostwriting niche

After finalizing your business plan, it’s time to select the industries that you love to write about. Never try to become a freelancer writer sensation that promises far-reaching results for all types of writings. No writer on earth can produce universal freelance ghostwriting solutions. Only pluck those writer blossoms that you’re able to tell from a decent distance. For instance, you might be good at writing tech but a mess when writing medical blogs. You’re a great home décor enthusiast but lack recipe writing skills for cooking and cuisine businesses. Hence, pick the best writing subjects you excel in without compromising your write-up quality.

4. Hire writers for Freelance Ghostwriting

Besides working alone for your online business, you can hire professional writers. Hence, you should thank God by letting others earn bread and butter in a respectful environment for their families. How about you allow them to work from their homes and let them enjoy happy times with their families.

5. Create multiple accounts for freelance ghostwriting

Do not forget to join freelance platforms to provide your excellent writing services. You have plenty of options out there. Popular platforms where you can provide your writing services include Upwork, ServiceScape, WriterAccess, Freelancer, Truelancer, and Guru. Surprisingly, there are several other options as well. Other significant players are Toptal, PeoplePerHour, and YunoJuno.


Undoubtedly, writing is an expressive way to show your personality to the world. It’s like an open-source for witnessing your brainpower. Remember, starting a freelance ghostwriting business isn’t easy as it seems. You will have to spend hours on the internet to catch some clients. Do not forget to promote your business on social media. As well, learn different styles for lettering down excellent pieces for your clients.

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