The Eight Elements of a Successful eBook Launch

The Eight Elements of a Successful eBook Launch

Nowadays, the internet is flooded with tips and tricks on how you can write an eBook? But is there any point in writing an eBook if it is not worth reading? Have you ever thought about what makes an eBook successful? If your next eBook is heading towards completion, stop writing it there and consider the points that can make your eBook launch successful.

You know a bad eBook launch is worse than a delayed book launch. Make sure you write an enthralling eBook that can stimulate the interest of the readers. Don’t rush the process and work on making your eBook launch successful. In this web blog, we will discuss how to make a successful eBook launch. You can hire a good eBook writing company that offers affordable eBook writing services to help you with eBook writing and launch.


It all starts with planning. Nobody wants to be a one-and-done author. If you look at the most successful books, there are always series, sequels, and follow-up books. You need to be consistent in your writing, with one or two books in the queue for publication. It is easier to sell your eBooks to established readers than the new ones.

If you are writing fiction and feel the need for a book two in the future, mention it in the description of your first volume. So, your readers can keep a check for volume two on your website. But beware of the cliffhangers, as it can turn off the reader’s interest.


Readers always look for cheaper or free eBooks, especially when it comes to promotional books. If it is your first eBook, make sure to set a low price because it attracts the readers to purchase your book. Discounted and free book promotion sites attract more readers, especially those who are seeking a bargain. Readers feel disgusted when they don’t find enough books to download for free.

Setting a low price can be hurtful when your ultimate goal is to generate revenue. But have a look at the broader picture; free or discounted books can help you earn loyal readers who not only enjoy reading your books but also wait for the next. You can make money through your eBooks while giving away for free with Amazon KDP, which allows the authors to run free book promotional campaigns for the first few days.


Your title is the caption of your book. Make sure your book title can hook the attention of the readers. If your book is nonfiction, be specific with your title so the people could understand what it is about. But in fiction, the title can be enigmatic to make people wonder what your book is about. The title doesn’t talk much about the book that compels the readers to purchase the book to unfold the mystery.


It is a fact that most people judge a book by its cover. If your cover is not as great as your book is, nobody will discover it from the inside. Your book cover is not needed to be fancy or cheesy. It must be great, no less than that. You can get ideas from Amazon bestselling book covers to find which cover suits your style. Then you can look for the cover designer if mentioned. Most of the time, it is mentioned, you can contact the cover designer to get a free quote for your book cover.

Genre Selection

The three most crucial things in marketing are your list, offer and copy. The list refers to the people who will get your offer. Most probably, these people are interested in your craft, i.e., the genre/ category your book conforms into. Be specific about your book genre, whether it is fiction or nonfiction. You can cross-check by looking at multiple books that are similar to yours.

Book Description

Consider the book description as an advertising copy of your book because it is. There is no need to hold the punching line till the end and tell the people what your book is about in the first sentences, then dive into your story details.


Honest reviews play a vital role in an eBook’s success because most people get to know about your book with the reviews. It is better to get some reviews earlier. Most likely, you don’t want to spend your money on expensive promotions with zero book reviews.

That’s why it is wise to have preliminary promotions with book promotion sites because these are inexpensive and help you get reviews earlier. Then these reviews are posted for your eBook by Amazon.


An ardent reader is likely to judge your book by its editing. A few typos can be forgiven, but grammatical errors, missing hyphens, wrong spellings, and incorrect language use can’t be overlooked. It can make your book a total disaster for the readers. You should hire a professional editor who can go through your text to ensure quality writing and accuracy.

It’s a Wrap

A successful eBook launch depends on the eight elements I have mentioned above. You should consider all of these points before launching your eBook to turn it into a massive success. You can hire a professional eBook writing company to help you with your book completion and launch.

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