Top 10 Best Book marketing stunts to check its true best selling potential

Top 10 Best Book marketing stunts to check its true best selling potential

Everyone and everything require creativeness to satisfy the thirst for victory. Success comes with a price. It’s not a piece of cake you get with a cherry on top. There is no independent emperor nor a successful ecommerce business that has ever overcome obstacles smoothly. Thus, it requires following a particular plan to help them succeed and survive in the long run. There’s always a strategy or that specific person in the herd that comes in handy.

Similarly, you can use this example to improvise for advertising your rough-and-ready manuscript online. Hence, devise a way that helps get the readers’ attention that might be interested in your works. The unique plan and person here are the best book marketing stunts to promote your paperback(s) online. However, you can hire a book promotion agency to help with the process, but it’s better that you start with your budding career beforehand. Try a few “publicity” marketing stunts.

Email eminent Book Publishers

Start by sending your book(s) precis, blurbs, and other jaw-dropping accounts to famous book publishers. It might take a bit longer for them to respond, but it’s all worth it. Make sure your email message is friendly, precise, and portrays your personality. Remember, the results will be phenomenal and worth covering yourselves up in confetti and cake’s cream. The best publishers include Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, Hachette Book Group, Macmillan, and Simon & Schuster.

Start Book-based blogging

Before you consider buying any online book promotion services agency, it’s better that you start blogging. It’s a great way to step up the game by using the right keywords, general reader-based searches, and tag words. Besides, you can learn several tips and tricks to improve your blogging skills online. Some popular blogging websites to promote your manuscript online include Medium, Blogger, Weebly, Ghost, and Ezine Articles, to name a few.

Throw a few bones (blurbs) to a Vanity Press

If you are looking for promotional freebies and other magical marketable incentives, luring notorious vanity presses can do the job for you. To make the Mexican wave happen smoothly across the “authors’ life-work diggers,” come up with two or more made-up inspiring blurbs — shortened descriptions of books at the back of the book covers. Don’t forget to play this catch and mouse game cleverly, because there’s always a big fish watching. But if you aren’t aware of how Vanities work, do not attempt this marketing stunt that might sting you in the back.

Join Facebook Authors’ Pages & Groups

Joining social media and becoming the joker could stir the nuisance in your favor. However, some people think of a clown as an individual known for their energetic flippant personality—a person who has nothing to do with society or intelligence.

Probably one of the best ways to promote your book. Join Facebook groups and pages. Besides that, you need to poke in the fun and meet your opponents on these platforms. Joining social media and becoming the joker could stir the nuisance in your favor. However, some people think of a clown as an individual known for their energetic flippant personality. Now it’s time to prove them wrong. Create Facebook posts about your book that appeal to your audience. Also, the best way to use Facebook to promote your books is by posting your blogs, writing routines, and other relevant activities.

Create a YouTube channel

Use the power of audio-visuals to empower your successful book marketing stunts online by joining up YouTube. Create your videos that have it all to lure viewers into clicking on your book video. You must create high-quality content combined with eye-catchy video titles and noticeable thumbnails. However, things will take time to stir up on YouTube. Long story short, they’re good enough mixes of cinematic, audio, illustrations to invent marketing magics for your book.

Run a Campaign with Flying colors

You can also try running a series of ads on several social media platforms. Use each of them accordingly to capture the readers’ interest. Besides, there’s a vast audience 24/7 active on these social networking websites. Therefore, you can create an attractive book marketing campaign for driving traffic to your author’s website. Best of luck!

Make rapport with Influencers on social media

Another great way to create a marketing stunt for your book is to hire influencers or sway them with your communication skills. Do not forget to use your contacts and rich sources to get ahold of them. If you’re lucky enough to collaborate with a social media personality, your book will reach the shooting stars in a brief period. Definitely!

Create breathtaking book video trailers

Why not create a movie-like video trailer for your book. You can easily find copyright-free images, sounds, and other editing features online free of cost. So, why not give it a try! It will work wonders!

Use your Book’s cliffhangers to your advantage

If your book’s ending is stunning, jaw-dropping, and excitingly nail-biting, this book promoting idea is for you. You can post these little mind-bending book twists and ends on Facebook or send them as tweets on Twitter. Remember, each drop makes an ocean, and each droplet ends up raining successively.

Marketing stunts based on ‘true events’ works like magic

If you’re a sincere and ambitious writer, take it easy. Let Mother Nature take care of you if you have a genuine heart and soul! Though, the ideas for book marketing mentioned above will ideally work equally for you as well. No one can stop you from promoting your life’s enduring works – Books!

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