Top 10 Reasons Why Your Book Cover Design Matters

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Book Cover Design Matters

What attracts readers the most? Of course, it’s the books. But what part of the paper bunch acts like a floret bouquet? What reveals all the best-smelling flowers that emanate the entire environment with a magical ambiance? Of course, it’s the entryway of the paperback (hardcover) – the book cover design. It holds a prominent position in all the particulars of your finalized manuscript formation. No bookworm will put their eyes on your book if its artwork upfront looks ridiculously amateurish. Therefore, you have to try your best to create a nice-looking book cover artwork.

Additionally, the impressive illustration conveys a strong message to the world. It alerts other authors that you’re not coming slow. Next, it rings the doorbells of the publishing houses. Enthusiastic book buyers throng towards bookstores to get their hands on your blockbuster success. Do not attempt to create by yourself. Hire someone who excels in this inventive job.

Therefore, you should hire a reputable company that offers award-winning author book design services. Be careful when hiring someone. Create a few questions to ask beforehand. Also, ensure you are getting the front picture potentials mentioned below:

1. Book Cover is a note in the bottle

Yes, you’re visualizing in the right direction. It’s one of those long-lost writer’s notes in the bottle sailing over the endless sea. The degree of your message should be as surreal as the unfathomable ocean. The front cover illustration should reflect the profound message resting in the chapters of your storybook.

2. Book Cover’s typography is classic

Do not forget those eloquent etchings. Yes, we’re talking about those classical fonts that Kings and Queens use when writing their letters. There are numerous word-style options available out there. Helvetica, Gotham, Times New Roman, Arial, Hoefler, Bodoni, and DIN are some popular fonts authors use nowadays.

3. Book Cover Imageries holds key “visual” information

It’s like one of those artists’ best artworks revealed in an art exhibition. Make sure your one is the star of the show. Therefore, your book cover design should include imaginative images, metaphors, and other symbols to send a divine message to the reader. It should be like a dream that tells the whole story in a matter of seconds – with a single glance.

4. Book Cover Design represents the story genre

Similar to the pictures you add atop your book’s main casing, keeping up with your book’s sort is crucial. Your book genre has a lot of potential, so it’s better that you use most of it for your book’s looks. Imagine the genre as a genie billows from the lamp when you rub it with hope.

5. Book Cover Layout is like a map

It’s like a diagram that includes directions, street signs, downtown alleyways, and highways. Readers can comprehend the story behind the shell if they can read routes on the map – your book cover depictions. Thus, create something meaningful and combine universal information in a pod-sized picture.

6. Book Cover colors are compelling

Adding the right hues, shades, and shadows is crucial to creating incredible artwork for the book’s poster. Besides, colors are equally significant as the depiction cues, diagrams, and the overall sketch work. Colors also represent specific human natures, energies, and other driving forces. Hence, these matter if you wish to convey an indirect message to the readers.

7. Book Cover puts the storyline in the limelight

Your story’s central narrative is put up on the table if you deliver the artwork with empowering strength. Therefore, you should hire an artist for the job. You can also employ a few individuals to take care of different phases of the book artwork process.

8. Book Cover is a like a movie sneak peek

It’s like releasing the book’s uncut trailer before launching its video. But, it isn’t an easy job to do. If you create an inspired portrayal of the cover design, no one can stop you from revealing astonishing plot secrets.

9. Book Cover color contrasts strike back in action

Adding highs and lows of colors can quickly seal the deal for you. But you have to be clever enough to play smart. Readers tend to love books more often, which includes peculiarities. These divergences even curiosities in people’s minds that aren’t interested in your book. How’s that?!

10. Book Cover Design conveys a strong message

It reveals the darkest secrets and expressive enlightenments of your story in a way unimaginable. Besides, a visual masterpiece guarantees the pictures behold a masterwork’s words’ work.

In a Nutshell

A well-thought-out portico is like putting your manuscript in a tuxedo. Donning the exciting, imaginative story in elegant garb adds to its overall splendor. Your book cover can communicate with readers in weird ways. It persuades your target audience and refines them further. Thus, your book’s artwork plays a vital role in creating your book’s fan base. You cannot ignore this central part of the book. In fact, it acts as a backbone of your book, literally.

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